Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hugmeez Little Hug

Hugmeez Little hug

Humeez Big Hug

Hugmeez Big Hug

Everyone loves a hug, this one is just that little bit bigger! The perfect, lovable, hugable gift for your loved ones.

At 8"" tall and made with the highest quality soft fabrics, Hugmeez are the cutest cuddly little gift you could possibly give someone to show them how much you really care. They are perfect for any occasion, get well soon, birthdays, valentines, special thank yous or even just to cheer someone up who needs a hug.

The Hugmeez were created by children, they were based on a project where children were asked to visualize a hug, so as a result they appeal to people's natural instincts, people instantly cannot help but pick them up and give them a squeeze!